View Full Version : Advice please.

15-Sep-08, 01:44
Hi, we need the metal runners on our barn doors replacing (doors are ok) Could anyone tell me who could replace them for me? I live near Castle of Mey. Many thanks in advance.

15-Sep-08, 22:36
Don't know anyone who could actually do the work, but you could probably get the bits from the likes of Allans of Gillock if you could do it yourselves.

15-Sep-08, 22:51
Try Nicholson Engineering at Bower they will be more than capable, it may be just too small a job for them but you never know.

16-Sep-08, 08:13
Maybe Charlie Angus at Olfield Thurso (upbehind the Park Hotel)

16-Sep-08, 23:30
Thank you so much everyone for your advice, now i can get those blasted barn doors done!:)