View Full Version : lack of baby changing facilitys

04-Jul-03, 22:11
has any one noticed that there is a very sad lack of baby changing facilitys in wick. you would at least thing the public toilets would have a baby changer! its a disgrace!!
As many people as has babies in wick and walk down teh town.. we really need these facilitys.. and what about tourist? i mean talk about not being family friendly!!
has any one else had this problem?
i mean i saw a mother yesterday in boots having to change her baby in teh floor as she didnt have anywhere else to change it.. that is a crying shame!!!

05-Jul-03, 00:31
Why would you want to change your baby? Is it faulty? [lol]

07-Jul-03, 09:06
im guessing no one really cares that there is no baby facilitys in the town. but it is something that we need. i mean how much would it cost to put a changer in the public toilets?
mums have you never been bothered to be down the town and need to change your little one and not have anywhere to do it?
if you drive i guess you could just go to your car but a lot of people dont drive.. and its not fair on the babies to be made to stay in a dirty nappy until you can get home to change him/her...

07-Jul-03, 17:14
Sorry Brandy, I don't live anywhere near Wick so I was leaving this one alone... however, down here where I do live there are some (not many, mind) baby changing facilities and they do seem to come in handy to some...

Bill, how would somebody (i.e. Brandy) go about raising this with the Council?

08-Jul-03, 11:08
I know that Safeway in Thurso has good baby facilities. Isn't the Wick one the same?