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11-Sep-08, 17:35
Though I like to try to buy local..(The Kiln Store are great for example)...sometimes you just want a bit more choice.
I have come across this company who provide reasonably priced basic furniture and seem very reliable. www.discountfurnituredirect.co.uk
I ordered a bed, they got in touch to confirm receipt, got in touch again to apologise that delivery would take a little longer than usual as we were in Caithness, got in touch again before expected to arrange a delivery date with me and then got a phone call from a very polite driver to ask if I would mind (as if!) if he delivered a day early..not a problem if I did he assured me.
The bed was easy to assemble and good quality. It did come cheaper on some websites but they all advertised free delivery and then added 50+ if you were a KW postcode.
Isn't it great to find a company that doesn't treat us differently and ensures we pay the same for goods as everyone else who buys from them across the UK?
Hope anyone else who uses them gets as good a deal, but I can't fault them and will use again!:D

11-Sep-08, 18:12
I received this via email...just thought it appropriate


I don't know what experiences you've had with ordering goods on-line but
I'm becoming increasingly incensed about the ridiculous surcharges that
companies have to impose for delivery to the Highlands & Islands.
Suppliers like 'Screwfix' charge an additional 15 on ANY order - from
others, 20-30 surcharges are common and recently I've even been quoted
a surcharge of 220!

These charges are passed on from their courier companies, who like to
portray the Highlands & Islands as a remote area with difficult access.
Agreed, that applies to the islands and also some remote west or north
coast communities but we all know that road communications around and to
the east of the A9 are just as good as most places in England .

We can speculate about the reasons for this anomaly, which makes
everything here more expensive but it seems likely that this is a
'legacy' practice which couriers have retained, simply because it makes
them more money. With that in mind, I've decided to do something about
it and I need your help...

I've put a petition before the Scottish Parliament, asking for an
investigation by the Scottish Government into the economic effects of
high delivery charges to the Highlands . (We threatened something like
this about broadband availability four years ago, after which, it became
widespread and cheaper.)

If you agree, please sign the petition on-line at the Scottish
Parliament site, at:

<http://epetitions.scottish.parliament.uk/view_petition.asp?PetitionID=274 (http://epetitions.scottish.parliament.uk/view_petition.asp?PetitionID=274)>

- before 31st October.

Thanks for reading this - I hope you can help.

Best regards,

Chris. A. Ferne

Sunnyside, Struie Road , Dornoch IV25 3TA , Sutherland , Scotland
Tel: 01862 811839 Fax 01862 811

11-Sep-08, 22:37
thanks for that. I have signed and forwarded to everyone in my address book and ~I'd urge all orgers to do the same..the more signatures the more chance of action. Thanks again

12-Sep-08, 23:52
definately support that petition, have signed. Thanks for the lonk.

13-Sep-08, 11:43
Hope a few more see this and sign up.

13-Sep-08, 13:24
hi i signed it to.

16-Sep-08, 20:31
And me, for me and my business!

16-Sep-08, 23:22
good job...signd and sent it on...thank you