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02-Jul-03, 22:41
Just spotted the news item on the front page of the site about visitor locations and the search strings that brought them here... fantastic bit of information.

Can't believe that enough people found caithness.org whilst searching for 'pigeons' to push it up to 5th place in June... As for 'menstrual cycle calculator' being 11th...

It's not the search strings themselves in as much as it is that there are enough people putting in those strings to warrant a leaderboard.

It all just goes to show how diverse and useful caithness.org is [lol]

02-Jul-03, 23:22
are search strings like cheese strings?

02-Jul-03, 23:52
yes squidge, if you are hungry enough.......

03-Jul-03, 09:38
This serves as a good example of what I was talking about in the other thread, if we can control what content goes into Caithness.Org, we can prevent people doing less savory searches from finding our site and therefore maintain our position as a family-friendly site.

gordon the moron
09-Jul-03, 16:55
Has anyone ever tasted Squidge's cheese strings. (Even for a bet!!)
Ps And lived??