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03-Jan-06, 04:13
I'm heading off to Inverness for a few days. Restaurant recommendations anyone?

I'm talking all types, from not too expensive to not too cheap: I don't mind splashing out a bit for a good meal in a local, ie Scottish, restaurant. I'm not interested in cheap chains or franchises or Indians (can do them any time), but a nice Italian or French place wouldn't go amiss, and perhaps a Chinese because it keeps the kiddies quiet.

A few bars that do decent lunchtime food would be useful too.

We'll be staying south of the centre on the east side of the river, and I like to walk back in the evening. No drinking and driving for me. :)

03-Jan-06, 08:48
Jimmy Chungs is a must especially if you have howngry kids. Lunch menu is extensive and costs 4.99 for adults maybe less for kids under 11. Its an eat as much as you like buffet.
Inverness has lots of good eateries and price ranges. Take some risks.

03-Jan-06, 13:09
Thanks gleeber, I didn't know there was a Jimmy Chung's in Inverness. It's a chain (http://www.jimmychungs.com/locate/loc_main.htm), but it's a small one so it doesn't really count as one lol. I've walked past them many times but have never ventured in.

03-Jan-06, 13:15
The Moray Bar, just across the road from the train station do lovely bar meals. Every thing is homemade (even the chips). It looks a bit rough but the food is lovely!

03-Jan-06, 18:19
Dows Bar Diner has always been good, although i havent been in there for about 6 months. They have a huge choice, with all sorts of different things.

03-Jan-06, 18:20
Oh they are up past where matalan is, by the way!

03-Jan-06, 20:40
When ever we went Inverness, we would always go to the castle restaraunt. It is just a short way up from McDonalds, opposide the castle car park.
I havnt been for quite a long time but worth a go.

03-Jan-06, 23:59
Thanks all. :)

04-Jan-06, 02:35
There is a lovely little restaurant just across the Bridge, cant remember what its called tho (sorry) where you can watch the chef cooking your food, its quite expensive but its well worth it :)

08-Jan-06, 01:48
try macnabs at the columba hotel its very upmarket and reasonable its at thetown center on the riverbank

08-Jan-06, 04:07
Nico's down by the river is excellent, the sea food platter is about 24.00 but I dought if you will finish it. Every thing else we had was great. Nice wine list as well. Bon a petit.