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08-Sep-08, 00:56
A few orgers have discussed the possibility of forming a Caithness-style Model Railway Club. We don't know if there's enough interest out there, but to see if it's worth taking further, we're getting together on Thursday night. Details as follows:

Old Smiddy Inn
7.45pm, Thursday 11 September.

Things we might discuss are:
- Would we be interested in turning our hobby into something needing more commitment
- Is there enough interest in this county to form a model railway club?
- Even if we could, would we be able to find and pay for premises etc to have a permanent 'clubroom'
- Could we ever attend (or even stage) an exhibition?

And if all else fails, why not get together regularly for a natter anyway.

If you can attend, drop a note on this thread or pm me. If you can't make this one, let me know so we can get together another time.

Dessie says he's buying all the drinks ;) (only kidding)

See you there on Thursday night.

08-Sep-08, 10:28
I will doo my best to attend dunny, it will be interesting to meet some of the other "nutters" off here lol :lol:

08-Sep-08, 20:47
Sorry cant make thursday but keep me posted
Good Luck

09-Sep-08, 18:42
come on all you enthusiasts..to the smiddy for some craick.on thursday..:Razz

11-Sep-08, 23:14
well that was ok hi again dessie and dunny nice to have a chinwag with the guys over a few jars (told ya i was nuts lol) lots of idea's there and am ready and waiting for the next meet... maybe a wee straw poll to find the best night etc. :lol: This could be the start of something big!!!!

big kahuna
27-Oct-08, 18:30
what was the outcome of this meeting, did anyone show an interest

10-Nov-08, 22:57
right folks, lets see if we can do something here...

(sorry for not responding to this thread for ages - been moving house so haven't been doing much .orging apart from occasional 'lurking' last thing at night...!)

Outcome of last meeting (for the benefit of Big Kahunas and any others that didn't make it) was that Dessie, The Count and myself got together and hatched up a mini-masterplan for world domination (well not quite, but we did come up with some good ideas - in among the general rubbish that was being blethered about nothing in the slightest to do with model trains - and that was only after we'd recovered from the hilarity of Dessie accidentally throwing his pint over the nicely polished floor).

We agreed that (once I'd moved house and all that) that we'd arrange another meeting somewhere a bit more accessible for everyone - perhaps a meeting in Wick followed by another in Thurso. We also thought that if a club were to get off the ground it was absolutely essential to have a 'club layout' ASAP to spark some interest - and preferably somewhere to keep it permanently - hmm.... Finally we'd need to get posters etc. up so people know about it.

One thing I did manage to do was speak to some of the members of Caithness Model Club. They are open to railway modellers too, but this side of the club hasn't been too successful. Maybe this is the more 'natural home' for us, but even if this didn't work we could certainly co-operate on exhibitions etc - they were very keen to have 'moving things' at their shows - something that is difficult with boats and lorries etc. This is something we could discuss at the next meeting.

So (having made no other progress whatsoever during the house move), I'm now back online and suggesting we arrange another informal meeting to take things forward.

How about Wednesday 19th November 7.30pm in Weatherspoons, Wick?

I'll re-post the meeting arrangements if most of those who have previously responded can make it.

11-Nov-08, 22:53
Ooo next wednesday ..... checks diary almanac and calender .... yup count me in lol i'll be there:lol:

16-Nov-08, 22:52
DUNNY..sorry i just read your mail.i,m in somerset until the 20th
hope the meeting goes ok and please if you dont mind keep me informed thanks dessie.....:confused

17-Nov-08, 23:31
calling on big kahuna and DRM can either of you make it to this meeting??:lol:

18-Nov-08, 11:35
NAA sorry cant make that as wife goes linedancing that night and i have to look after kids - sorry

19-Nov-08, 00:02
think maybe we'll try for a different night. Turns out tomorrow's now gonna be difficult for me too...

DRM - is there a night that would be good for you?

I'm ok other than Mondays and Thursdays.

Happy to pick up anyone on the Thurso side to go through to Wick.

03-Dec-08, 21:57
still trying to find out if there will be another model railway meetind any time in the near future...

05-Dec-08, 23:58
still waiting too dessie lol :lol: