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31-Dec-05, 17:24
I had a fantastic meal in Liquid just the other day. Nice chips (albeit frozen) nice batter on the haddock, my wife had the cajun chicken which got the thumbs up 'n all. The service was friendly and efficient and the toilets were clean.

31-Dec-05, 17:46
It is funny you should say the toilets were clean because that is always a deciding factor for me before I will eat anywhere. Dirty toilets to me just say dirty establishment.

05-Jan-06, 18:09
was up there for lunch just before xmas, with a few colleagues, and it was awful. The food took ages to arrive and was cold, the barperson was absent half the time so it was difficult to order anything to drink and the young waitress had a face on her when we had advised we were some desserts short. (the meal was pre-booked and the food order given when it was booked - a good week earlier.) some had to change their orders as the meals they had ordered were either not available or hadn't "worked".
Nice soft scoop ice cream tho!

05-Jan-06, 18:36
Was there for a meal with some friends the other night...was a bit slow but the meal was good.
And then this week was at a family kids birthday party, bowling then a meal, was all pre arranged...food was out on the table before the kids were finished bowling, luckily was still warm though. The place was freezing though! You dont need air con in January!!! Waitresses were pretty scarce around the place too! :(

07-Jan-06, 19:02
Getting a drink in there is a bit of a nightmare, if the barman(and you probably know which one I'm talking about) spent as much time concentrating on his customs as he did on juggling bottles around, he'd be good at his job. Well, if he learnt how to pour a pint, that would also help.