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01-Sep-08, 12:56
Hi biy!!

Im investigating different speaker wiring arrangements. Heres a theoretical set up:

2x12 cab - brilliant eh! i could sell that!!

Anyway. . .

Im looking into series and parrallel wiring, pros conns etc.

Electrically theres no difference in the two circuits from the amps point of view apart from loading (16,8,4,2,etc). i realise theres reactance from inductive loads n the like, but power wise the same. But what difference does it make to the sound the cab produces?

i would appreciate any experience or technical comments on this subject.

cheers biy!

01-Sep-08, 23:01
Basically what you'll find is that you get a fatter sound except where it's a bit thinner. This is because of the volts (V) and the amps (A) combining with some resistors to form Impudence (Z). This is the stuff that REALLY defines your sound. The most important bit is that the impudence depends on some capacitors and some conductors, so what you end up with is a CIRCUS with volts that go both UP and DOWN or ROUND and ROUND depending on how your guitar is connected.
That's also the other most important bit - when you turn your guitar up really loud, you end up with more impudence as the knob has lots of this built in. The other most important bit relates to the amp settings (remember that's not the amps - they're the things that go through the wires and make your valves heat up in your amps!) (except if you have a tranny amp of course, that's a whole different thing!). The length of your wire can affect the noise as well. Also if you get one of them effects boxes, that can increase your impudence. If you use 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 10(if you're brave) , you'll find it's a bit better.
The 2 x 12" cab is a good idea, best idea is to connect them speakers together using wire stuff and a bit of tape, although some say that 4 x 12" is bigger and therefore better (Huh!). It should sell for around 30 at least, especially if it's a loud one with lots of amps.
So to sum up, the amps in your amp get really loud when they are affected by the volts, which are in turn turned up by the capacity and the inductors which are equal to some impudence. If you have a parallel circus, the volts go round and round, if you are in a serial, they go up and down, and THAT is why it all works.
Electronics is quite straightforward really.