View Full Version : IS WICK TO GET A CINEMA???

Eve M
01-Jul-03, 12:01
I overheard a conversation in a shop today, basically it said Wick was getting a cinema. Is this correct?

01-Jul-03, 12:19
never heard that one but it would be great if we could get a cinema & i'm sure it would be a busy wee business!!

Eve M
01-Jul-03, 14:12
Yeah that would be fantastic, however not long ago they were thinking of closing the Thurso one down, weren't they? Due to lack of business I think. A lot of their business must have come from Wickers travelling through I would have thought. Thats what make me wonder if there is any truth in this rumour :confused

Wounded Soldier
01-Jul-03, 17:42
Yeah it was in the paper that there planning building a complex where dominoes used to be before it got set on fire.

Knowing this place it will take years to get there act together and actually build it though

01-Jul-03, 20:10
where dominoes used to be before it got set on fire.

:lol: Now now Wounded Soldier...surly you mean before it "Went" on fire :p

01-Jul-03, 22:34
Funny that, when in the co-op yesterday in the checkout Q i heard that they were building a nuclear weapons factory in watten, does anybody else know about this????

01-Jul-03, 23:12
Duh!!...dont be so daft.......everyone knows it's a Chemical Weapons factory :roll:

It's for getting rid of Lybster as it no longer serves any purpose :eek:


01-Jul-03, 23:21
Yea I read the article in the Groat/Courier which ever it was. It seems like a pretty stupid idea to me putting it at the old Dominoes. I'm sure they could find a much better are to put it rather than there, somewhere more spacious and somewhere that it can be caught by the eye. Another thing, does Wick need another restuarant/nightclub which it is also going to be?

George Brims
02-Jul-03, 01:28
Good grief - am I the only one old enough to remember that Dominoes *was* the cinema originally - the Pavilion? Actually I remember when Week had TWO cinemas. The Breadalbane was closed first and became the Dounreay Club. Then the Pavilion started having bingo on three nights a week - no pictures on a Saturday night! Alternate nights were bingo in the sister cinema in Thurso. I imagine this allowed them to use just one print of each film for the two places.

This is all reminding me why I left Caithness in the first place, or rather, why I didn't come back once I got an education.


02-Jul-03, 04:49
Aye I know George, the Dounreay club has a lot to answer for :roll:

George Brims
02-Jul-03, 17:42
To be fair, I think the Breadalbane had gone out of business all by itself before being recycled as the Dounreay Club. I really hope the old Pavilion is revived. Especially that wee section of seating right at the back. Memories...

There aren't that many old traditional format cinemas left. The Odeon in Edinburgh is to close I hear, despite being used for Film Festival events etc. It's a fine venue for concerts as well as film. Most bigger cinemas were long ago chopped up into multi-screen complexes - even the La Scala in Inverness went to 2 or 3 screens within the same building.

03-Jul-03, 12:16
I remember the Pavilion well, so its not just a bastion for the old timers! ;)
Went to see quite a few films there, I remember The Jungle Book, Star Wars, Popeye, The Empire Strikes Back and Flash Gordon. I remember it being very ornate with a lot of purple, and smoking was allowed too (though I was too young at about 5 or 6!).

The Woolton cinema in Liverpool is quite similair in that its a traditional old cinema, half the place still allows smoking too and it has adverts from the mid 80's that are very funny!

When I took my son up last year I pointed out to him that this was the old cinema, and it was the world's first open air cinema, he swallowed it hook line and sinker poor kid, haha!

04-Jul-03, 21:58
Heard today that the application for the proposed development site is a formality that has to be gone through every so often. As long as the company involved submit the application then the site can remain as it is, ( a mess ).
Can anyone confirm this. l