View Full Version : Caithness Stone Hearth for Fireplace

Dianne Malcolm
29-Aug-08, 13:02
Hello, I am looking to buy a caithness stone hearth (with tongue) :lol: for my fireplace. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy one and likely cost? I live in Angus so would need to get it delivered. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

29-Aug-08, 13:17

The above link will give you access to contact details for Caithness stone.
Makes a lovely hearth, have one myself.

29-Aug-08, 14:58
A & D Sutherland Spittal Quarry 01847841249 mark mancini :)

01-Sep-08, 03:41
Caithness stone industries are very good call John Sutherland on 01955605472:)

Dianne Malcolm
01-Sep-08, 12:05
Thanks for all your help. I will make some calls.