View Full Version : Just another day on the Org

29-Dec-05, 17:53
So here we are....another day on the Caithness.org Message Forum...

Rheghead's well timed comments, witty and irrepressable. JJC at his formidable best, born to debate. Golach hovering, waiting to pounce at any moment to bring his vast experience to bear on any subject. MadPict dashing about all over the place, much like a...well....Mad Pict.
The list goes on....continue it or amend it if you like....
Reputations gained and lost. Items bought and sold and given away.
News and rumours discussed and disgarded.
Its just another day on the Org. A moment in eternity.
Will you pause with me for a moment to enjoy?

Thats long enough....back to work.


29-Dec-05, 17:59
I have never been known to dash anywhere....

30-Dec-05, 20:57
I have never been known to dash anywhere....

Not even in a "virtual" way?

Hmm, perhaps it was DrSzin I was thinking of....