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30-Jun-03, 21:59
Could someone plz tell me what the signs in wick and surrounding area are for??

"Blair is a liar"????

What has he said or not done or what??

Just curious!!

30-Jun-03, 22:52
Linzy222, where have you been?

I can only imagine that this is leading on from the whole 'justification for war' thing (and the current BBC Vs. Alastair Campbell row).

Some people (myself included) believe that the evidence presented by Tony Blair was not enough to prove the case for war in Iraq.

The BBC now claim to have a source within the Intelligence Community who told their reporter that one of the claims made by Tony Blair about the Weapons of Mass Destruction had not been proven (and was questionable based on the intelligence available). The point in question was a claim that Iraq could launch chemical/biological weapons within 45-minutes of an order being given - a point which may have led some MPs to believe that the threat from Iraq was so imminent as to require immediate action by the military. This is now moving towards a legal fight between the BBC and Alastair Campbell as to who is right.

With no Weapons of Mass Destruction having yet been found, near anarchy on the streets of some of Iraq's cities, no basic sanitation or services yet available to many Iraqis, etc, it is possible that Blair has, either deliberately or through ignorance, misled the nation.

It also looks as though one of the Commons inquiries, which Blair promised would get to the bottom of the truth, is going to report that Blair (and Number 10) have denied them access to vital documents which they requested in order to investigate the whole justification for war issue.

01-Jul-03, 05:00
Think you would get more reaction from a Blair Tells the Truth poster myself.

01-Jul-03, 12:06
Ok thanx!!

I never have the telly on much and when it is its the kids that watch it

I don't buy papers either just the local rag!!