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Eve M
30-Jun-03, 14:38
What is it with shop assistants these days? Is it just the ones I come across that have no manners? Twice today I was in shops where the assistants carried on speaking to each other about their weekend out whilst serving me, no please or thank you either [disgust]

It makes my blood boil, I'll tell you [mad]

30-Jun-03, 18:06
Yup... I reckon it's down to overheads. The kind of shop that is bothered about whether they have good staff will also be the kind of shop who pay that bit more to make sure they keep the good staff. They are undercut by the shops that just don't care enough to raise their overheads. They go out of business. There's one less shop with good staff.

I still say thanks to everybody who serves me, even though quite often it will earn me a bemused look. People down here in the sunny south aren't used to good manners at all...

30-Jun-03, 21:03
That's just part of life I guess. I used to go to Elizabeths Chip Shop occasionally but not any longer, the ones I come across in there find it difficult to smile and being nice to customers.

Eve M
30-Jun-03, 21:40
You have the right idea, stop going there [disgust]

Whatever happened to service with a smile?

01-Jul-03, 16:44
i suppose it depends when and where u go. where i work as a shop assiant i and others try to give service with a smile and be as helpful as poss, whereas the saturday lassies are flamin useless(well, most r) esp. in woolies the sat girls in there are patetic! come on grls, look alittle less sucidal!!! [mad] :eyes :p