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25-Aug-08, 16:52
i'm looking to take my wee one to a mother and toddlers group in Wick? i ain't really sure where they are in Wick? Can anyone recommended one?

lynne duncan
25-Aug-08, 16:58
very good one in playbox playgroup hillhead on a monday and wednesday 1.30 to 3.00pm bairns from birth to 2.5 very welcome lots of toys to suit all ages

25-Aug-08, 20:58
Theres one in the baptist church its in the mornings and one in the pulteneytown parish church and its afternoons. Think the parish church is a monday and wedensday and the baptist a tuesday and thursday but noe definate about days

26-Aug-08, 17:42
contact your health visitor on 01955 604134. they have a list of all the playgroups/mother & toddler groups in the area.

27-Aug-08, 15:45
Do you just turn up at a mother and toddler group or do you have phone first so they know how many is coming? First timer here :lol:

lynne duncan
27-Aug-08, 21:05
with the playbox you just turn up the more the merrier, mon and wed pm 1.30 to 3.00
the lassies who open it up are mums who are on the committee and whose bairns go to the P&T, think they said they had 20 there on monday

28-Aug-08, 19:28
Thanks Lynne :)

lynne duncan
02-Sep-08, 09:16
i got my days wrong sorry to anyone who was at the playbox on a monday afternoon.

the playbox parent/mother and toddler group is on wednesday and fridays afternoons
and the 2and a half to three group is on tues and thurs