View Full Version : What paper?

24-Aug-08, 20:46
I usually buy all my decoupage sheets but I've been googling on the net and have found loads upon loads of freebies so I'm going to have a go at printing my own, However I don't have a clue what is the best paper to use for the printing!
Does anyone have any advice? Decoupage sheets usually have a sheen to them so was wondering what is the best to use?

24-Aug-08, 21:35
My ex-wife doe a lot of decoupage and she used to use two or three different sorts of paper depending on the finish or sort of card she was using. i dont think it really matters as long as the end result is what you expect. definitely a case of try and try again :D

24-Aug-08, 22:43
OK But could you perhaps ask your wife what she found to be the best for a sheeny kind of finish please?


24-Aug-08, 23:03
Hi there porshipoo, use photo paper glossy for shiny deco sheets, just remember to leave them for a few minutes to dry before using them.
hope this helps!

25-Aug-08, 01:02
Thanks for that NikNak.
I've just bought some silk finish paper for decoupage off EBay but I'm going to give the photo paper a go while i wait for the delivery.
Thanks for that.:)