View Full Version : Washing machine woes...cured by ALACAM

22-Aug-08, 21:58
My hotpoint chucked a mental on me last week and was making an awful noise and not spinning properly. Thought it was the bearings so it was a toss up between having a new one and getting this old granny fixed. It has a spin only programme and also handwash wool and I was going have to spend megabucks to get like for like.

Alan Cameron from Alacam came to the rescue. Luckily the bearings hadn`t gone, but the support spring for the drum had. He came to the house, took the machine to bits, went for the part and said he`d be back in the early evening, but was back on the doorstep in half an hour and had it up and running in no time.

Excellent service and very reasonable prices with a 40 total bill. If the machine had needed to go to the workshop he could have hired a machine to me for 20 for the week. That would have been a godsend as the machine has at least two loads every day.

Alacam, Olrig street in Thurso ... well worth a look. Their prices to buy electrical goods are competitive too and they have a good range of toys.

23-Aug-08, 13:00
Wouls second a recommendation for Alacam, very good service, and lovely friendly members of staff.

Have purchased all our large appliances from him and the delivery service was first class - washing machine was delivered and working within about 1.5 hrs of buying it, tumble drier was about half an hour. Prices are just as competitive as online too.

Good local supplier - unlike other local service that i recieved, but thats another thread!