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22-Aug-08, 16:13
Anyine got this or can explain it in really easy terms?

22-Aug-08, 16:21
:) Yes I have it and it is very good, you just have to make sure you have a good TV signal or it will not work properly, the box you get with it is great too as you can revord two different channels at same time or watch one recorded prog. while recording another, I would highly recomend it.

22-Aug-08, 17:23
We got it for my son (we already have sky). He records things endlessly. When its installed, the installer will show you exactly how things work. I would recommend it as its fairly straightforward and the channel range is really good. As was stated before you can record more than one program at a time.

Kevin Milkins
22-Aug-08, 22:08
I have BT Vision as part of a total BT broadband package and it works out very good value for money.
Its great for recording as you can set it to record a series.
You can be watching the first episode recorded of Corrie while it is recording the second episode and freeze or rewind live tv if you missed a bit.

mums angels
22-Aug-08, 22:14
Got offered this last week along with the new BT hub , i never bothered with the BT vision as its just like sky + that i already have but sounded like a good alternative if they'd contacted me the week before i would have considered it. well worth comparing the sky and bt deals both are offering good packages at the moment.

22-Aug-08, 22:16
Not so good for kids, most kids programmes are 49p each to watch, however the complete series sets are great, we have just got a couple to go in series 3 of lost having just watched series 1 and 2.

23-Aug-08, 08:43
Thanks so much everyone for your reply guys.