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29-Jun-03, 16:52
Everyone experiences variations in mood – transitory blues, disappointments, the normal grief that accompanies the loss of someone you love or care about. But severe or prolonged depression that interferes with the ability to function, feels pleasure, or maintains interest, is not a mere case of the “blues”. It is an illness. Researchers have demonstrated that it results from biochemical imbalances in the brain.

More than 80% of those suffering from Depressive Illness can be treated successfully with modern medications. Most medications are not habit forming, and do not produce a “high”, and are not abused. Sometimes, after or concurrent with this treatment, therapy or counselling is desirable.

Depressive illnesses, also referred to as Affective or Mood Disorder, attacks millions of people world-wide, and is often fatal; yet few people are being properly treated or even diagnosed. The costs of this neglect, both in terms of human suffering and economic loss, are staggering…

Caithness Depression has been set-up to help sufferers in the county, who need someone to talk to, empathy and understanding, and information with regards to the illness.

At present, contact can be made through the following contact points:

General Enquiries: Caithness_Depression@hotmail.com


Members Email: CaithnessDepression@groups.msn.com

Personal/Co-ordinator: epictetus1949@hotmail.com

Hopefully, a more interactive service will be provided in the very near future on a one to one basis, a group web domain, and local contact phone numbers.

Anyone who feels that they are suffering with symptoms of Depression should initially contact their own GP. Anyone who suffers and would like to be involved in this worthwhile project should contact the writer at the above.

Any offers of help in any shape or form would be gratefully appreciated.

David P Wadsworth.