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18-Aug-08, 19:07
Penny is still here ha ha. Edited to add I just realised that could be taken two ways, but I meant the still here as in my house - whoops.

I still have not managed to get a hold of the lady from the rescue. There is no urgency as I know she is a busy lady so I will bide my time.

Penny has started going walks with the big boys and is showing no adverse effects. She is off lead and there has been no malarky and she comes back when called. She is still in the crate far to much and is obviously bored but she always goes back in when told. Just now she is mooching about the kitchen and trying out her nice freshly washed bed. I couldnt decide whether it was her bed or the bin that stank today so both got a freshen up. Penny will happily go and lie in her crate when you are about in the kitchen but her idea of heaven is through and onto the sofa, but I dont allow her this every night as she needs to know her place. I am hoping to meet up with Bluebell and her dogs this week for another meet and greet.

Some pictures of Penny tonight:

Taking in the early evening sunshine


Posing in the garden


Having a chat with her foster sister.


hell raizer
18-Aug-08, 19:46
aah she's lovely, i hope she finds a new home soon. jack russels are great little dogs our kim lived until she was 15yrs.your doing a great job with penny :)

18-Aug-08, 20:00
Penny is sooooo beautiful and what a difference from her earlier piccys....you can actually see her growing in confidance.
I don't think it will be very long now till she finds that special person and her new home............................. You are doing just the most wondeful job with her. :Razz

18-Aug-08, 21:31
Penny really is lovely ! Hope the Wedding plans are going well ! Have left a PM for you

Margaret M.
18-Aug-08, 23:13
She is a beauty -- lovely dalmatian too. My son had one and it was the best dog ever. He was so well behaved, good natured and wonderful with kids.

19-Aug-08, 14:01
Lovely, lovely lady on Orkney, via the post has just added 5 to the Penny fund. Asks for her hopes of Penny finding a lovely home be passed on. :)

20-Aug-08, 18:13
Hi All

Well Penny met up with Bluebell and her dogs today and disgraced herself again. I was wondering if there are any experts out there who can possibly shed some light on her behaviour.

All was going well and we decided to let them all of lead, Penny was running with Bluebells male but then suddenly decided to have a go at her female. Now it sounded terrible and good on Bluebell she got right in about and had Penny by the collar to let go. We put her back on lead and all was fine, so being ever the optimists we decided to try again, same thing. Now there appeared to be no injuries on either dog so could this be a case of handbags to try and assert herself? It sounded terrible to us but my female couldnt have cared less and didnt show any interest in what was going on. The main thing was that she did not appear to have any ideas about having a go at Bluebell or myself.

Do you think that because she is still in season (the jag takes about 7 days) her hormones could have an issue?
Could it be that as she has been walked in this place with our dogs since the last meet that she views it as her territory?
Is a pecking order thing or is she just a bad brat?
She will nip in at my female when she is excited and playing but she cant be connecting as my girl never reacts (she could be stupid tho). I have also noticed her putting her hackles up at my girl but again she never does anything about it (but she does have a 4 times weight advantage so maybe Penny isnt stupid).

We are obviously gluttons for punishment as we are taking Penny out to Bluebells territory next week to see how it goes. I was thinking that if she did it again would you use other methods to stop it ie water pistol.

Any advice for that walk would be appreciated, but also anyone who knows about JR's or small dogs behaviour please let me know your opinions.


20-Aug-08, 19:03
Pennys' hormones just went into bitch mode............she was asserting a claim on her 'man' and was simply saying, 'Back off hussy....he's mine, grrrr, grrr, grr.'
It's not unusual for some females to be a bit grumpy when in season and usually once they have been spayed and rendered hormone free, lose the need to try and grab the male and keep him all to herself.....'tis the age old urge to breeeeed!!!!!!!!
Sounds as if, despite a rush of hormones going to her head, all went well....wouldn't bother with the water pistol though as it is hormonal.......and you know how bad those can be in human females!!
It is probably a good idea, until injection kicks in, to keep her on the leash and that way she will not get into strife..................she just want to be a dirty wee wifey ;) and nothing to worry about...:Razz

20-Aug-08, 19:16
Munron sometimes dogs just dont like each other as I've found out to my cost.
My friends bitch and our youngest dog who is also a bitch do not get on at all and there is no way we can take them for a walk together lead or no lead.:(

Are there anyother bitches Penny behaves this way to?:confused

20-Aug-08, 19:57
Well the last JR she had was a female, but then she is fine with mine in a way, but as I said maybe size does count.

She was fine with bluebells girl the last walk when penny was on lead and the other female off, they spoke and there was no malarky. The difference might be season or might be just bitches together, because i know they can be worse than males.

20-Aug-08, 21:42
Sorry Munron but sadly it is a JR thing . This was the behaviour our JR exhibited and we eventually had to re-home her -after she seriously injured our other dog. The dog Penny attacked could be seriously at risk if Penny sees her again. It is a dominance thing . Our JR became possessive of our attention and would not eventually tolerate our other dog receiving any attention at all. (Although initially both dogs got on together really well.)
The good news is that we did find a wonderful home for out little JR (Whom we love dearly) with a lovely guy who has no other pets or children and has owned JR'S before and understood exactly what he was taking on. She has been in her new home for well over a year now and is very happy and is much loved and we could not have wished for a better outcome.
There is no doubt there is a home out there for Penny but as FOA will be aware she needs a home with someone who is 'JR savvy' without pets or children. As your forthcoming nuptials are fast approaching can only advise that FOA be informed of the latest occurrence and that there may well be a problem when you have to place Penny elsewhere whilst you are away on your honeymoon -would not advise Penny being left with anyone if they have pets. If things become really difficult re leaving Penny whilst you are away please PM me I may be able to help in an emergency. Would just add if I didn't have 2 dogs I would gladly offer Penny a home -I love JR's !!!

22-Aug-08, 18:57
I will, hopefully, be speaking to Eileen this weekend from FOA. Hopefully we will discuss the latest situation with Penny and I will be asking her for advice and tips.

Bluebell has been great and it was totally her decision to try again in another territory. Neither of us want to see any dog hurt, but there was no-one hurt the last time except possibly pride. I think I have an extension somewhere and if I get the chance I will go to P@H to get a harness as I dont want her slipping her collar. Bluebell knows that there is no pressure from me and I wouldnt blame her for saying no way, but she wants to try again as I am sure she is a bit taken with the Pen Pen one. In saying that Bluebell will put her dogs and family needs first and who would blame her. We said that if it doesnt work out with Penny we can always meet up for walks with our lot as we got on so well.

If the best thing for Penny is to go south then off she will go - I will just have to get her to learn Welsh.

22-Aug-08, 19:58
I just had to add that I have just watched the three amigos and foster daddy in the big field opposite me and it just nearly breaks the heart. Little Penny going hell for leather in a futile attempt to keep up with the big boys - but mostly having so much fun.

She would be the most wonderful fun dog in the right family and if it wasnt for my youngster she would stay here, the other thing it says is she loves the company of dogs (or maybe it is just mine).

22-Aug-08, 21:35
Munron, I think little Penny is the happiest she has ever been in her life and loves having 'friends' around her. I don't think for one tiny second she is a dangerous dog and is simply a Jack Russel who, at times tests her boundaries.
I spoke with a lady last night, who loves JRs and told her about Penny nips an' all...........she laughed and simply said...'so typical' Her father kept JRs all his life.
So Penny.... just isn't bad. Bluebell sounds someone who wears a good commonsense hat with a good heart and it is lovely to hear you all get on so well.......Pound to a penny [excuse the pun] Penny will love her holiday with her. :)

24-Aug-08, 01:00
Like people are saying just what jrs are like if i could i would love her she looks like a lovely dog but with 2 dog and to dogs and a rabbit and hamster have my hands full lol

25-Aug-08, 23:02
two dogs and two cats is what i meant lol

31-Aug-08, 11:10
wonder how Penny is....................?:)

31-Aug-08, 18:30
Hi Teenybash

Penny is fine and dandy, I think that it is me that isnt? Talk about stress related illnesses. I was supposed to meet up with Bluebell today but had to call off as I felt so sick - why oh why do people go through the stress of weddings, I tell you I will be so happy a week today as it will all be over with.

31-Aug-08, 19:25
Hi Teenybash

Penny is fine and dandy, I think that it is me that isnt? Talk about stress related illnesses. I was supposed to meet up with Bluebell today but had to call off as I felt so sick - why oh why do people go through the stress of weddings, I tell you I will be so happy a week today as it will all be over with.

Poor you! I think you need some of the tlc you've been lavishing on Penny!:confused

Deep breaths and calming thoughts!!!!!

31-Aug-08, 19:52
Poor Munron.....sip chammomile tea with a pinch of ginger to calm your tum and your pre wedding nerves.
The week won't be long in passing and before you know you will have taken that walk of a life time....down the aisle. It will be a perfect day :Razz

Happy, happy blessings and may the sun always shine on the happy bride and groom.

Cuddles for Penny and the other pooches and the wee nipper....

31-Aug-08, 20:46
Munron,there are so many people wishing you well,; please remember your Wedding Day is just that; a very special day for yourself and soon to be husband . Relax , enjoy and don't worry about anything other than having a wonderful day !!!! PS We EXPECT Wedding photos and an account of the day !!!

11-Sep-08, 19:51
Bumping up ready for all the wedding neews.....and Penny of course.:)

13-Sep-08, 17:08
Well the wedding went fine although I have spent the last week with the longest hangover in the world - although I could be just tired.

Penny is fine as well, although still looking for that elusive home. I will need to start calling those rescues at the start of the week. My other two dogs are kicking off about something at the moment and are finding it hard to be civil to one another one minute and then squashed up together the next. It is probably all to do with the stressful house they have lived in over the past few months. Hopefully Penny will get the stress free home she deserves.

13-Sep-08, 20:58
Can you please tell me how old Penny is? Loking for a puppy/dog for my in laws as they have just lost their 14 1/2 year old spaniel. Looking at all the options here.

13-Sep-08, 21:43
Hi Bradcon

I am sorry we dont know how old Penny is but we think possibly middle age ie 6 ish.

She is timid but loves company, very affectionate and would love to be centre of attention in someones life without other dogs (atlhough she gets on ok with our two).

I also think that once in a secure family situation she would really gain in confidence.

If your in laws want to come and meet her they are more than welcome, without any obligation. The right home for owners and Penny are upmost.

14-Sep-08, 13:35
Sounds as if your wedding went with a swing.....hope it was lovely and perfect and your marriage is blessed with so much happiness that it overflows...........We shall wait in expectation to hear all about it.
Penny is still in our hearts and here's hoping that special home with lovely people is just around the corner....... :)

18-Sep-08, 18:03
Well today is my birthday and I think I have just had the best present ever.

Penny has gone home, and what a home indeed. Five star does not begin to describe and I am so happy for her and her new family. The lady has certainly landed on her paws big style.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you who showed an interest in Penny's story and for all the good wishes for her future. I have to say that people who do rescue every day have my utmost respect as I only had one dog to re-home and the journey has been like a rollercoaster. In saying that it is a rollercoaster I dont mind now, because I know she has the best home a girl could ever want and she will want for nothing.

I have to add that it is early days but I just have ants in my pants and have to tell you all.

18-Sep-08, 18:18
Oh that is brilliant!!!! We have all come to love Penny and it is so good to hear that she has now got her (hopefully) forever home.

Even though she is in a new home I know you will always have a very special place in her heart after everything you have done for her.

Happy Birthday to you!!! I am singing this to you. Can you hear?!!:lol:

18-Sep-08, 18:47
OH No - Liz has started singing again! That usually clears a room in 2 seconds! :eek:

Happy Birthday Munron (I am not singing to you!), and great news about Penny. Delighted for you all. :D

18-Sep-08, 19:31
OH No - Liz has started singing again! That usually clears a room in 2 seconds! :eek:

Happy Birthday Munron (I am not singing to you!), and great news about Penny. Delighted for you all. :D

You're just jealous because I can sing!:lol:

18-Sep-08, 19:38
Brilliant birthday present Munron :lol: Hope we hear hows she is doing, as someone said we have come to love her and she has been in many peoples' thoughts these last few months.

Have a wee sherry and enjoy your birthday with the warm glow that you did so much for a wee dog in need xxx

BTW Liz - please stop singing, you've got Cara under the kitchen table howling along here :Razz

18-Sep-08, 20:16
Must have been something in the water yesterday as thats two caithness.org.doggys that found new homes.
Fingers crossed it works but i'm sure with all the hard work you put in munron penny will adjust perfectly.:D

happy birthday,by the way.

18-Sep-08, 20:37
BTW Liz - please stop singing, you've got Cara under the kitchen table howling along here :Razz

See, I told you Liz! [lol]
It really is that bad!

18-Sep-08, 22:11
See, I told you Liz! [lol]
It really is that bad!

Cara was singing along with me so obviously enjoying it!

Okay Cara one more time...........

18-Sep-08, 22:27
Happy, happy birthday Munron....whew, what a special day!! Happy birthday to Little Penny also because today is the day she begins her new life....just like her being born again....No I haven't gone all religious![lol]
Hopefully, now and again we will all see a little update...like everyone has already said...she found her way into our hearts..Bless you wee Penny in your new life....:)

18-Sep-08, 22:43
:lol: I think we are all singing tonight. Big choruses of Happy Birthday and Happy Forever Home are resounding around Caithness. I am sure Penny will be joining in too ;)

18-Sep-08, 23:12
Munron, fantastic news ! :) So pleased for both you and Penny ! Happy Birthday, glad it has turned out to be such a special day ! Think you certainly deserve a pat on the back too ! Thanks to your perseverance and the loving foster home you gave Penny; she stands a good chance of living the rest of her life in the way she deserves, so well done you - bet you will miss the little lady ! Hope we do get the occasional update from Penny's new family :D

Margaret M.
19-Sep-08, 02:37
A belated happy birthday to you, Munron. I sure hope things work out for Penny in her new home -- kudos to you for all you did for her.

20-Sep-08, 22:49
I met Penny with her new owner today - she is soooo lovely.....