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Margaret M Mackay
16-Aug-08, 13:15
I have grown tomatoes for first time in many years but one plant in particular seems to have a rot in the end of green fruit. Any tips or suggestions as to solution.
Some fruit have fallen off lower part of plant.

16-Aug-08, 16:28
We have had this in the past. Someone told us that tomatoes are funny about watering and you can avoid it by always watering at the same time every day - we do ours between 6-7pm.

Seems to have worked for us so far.....(touches wood)

16-Aug-08, 18:12
Your tomatoes have Blossom End Rot, usually caused by watering: letting the compost dry out and then watering. Tomatoes is grow bags are bad for this, as the bags get hot and then dry out. On hot days sometimes have to water twice a day, so the compost doesn't dry out. Hope this helps.