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Kevin Milkins
16-Aug-08, 01:09
I had my first visit around the Heritage Centre today.
It has been on my list of things to do since moving to Wick over 2 years ago.
I have my elderly mother in law and my 8 year old grandaughter stopping just now on a visit and today started a bit rainy so the centre looked like an ideal destination to keep them ammused.
I have walked by many times and even popped my head through the door but had no idea just how big the place is and how much they have to look at.
We stayed for about 2 hours but could have done with about another hour .
All three of us enjoyed it and has wet our appetite for more local history.

16-Aug-08, 07:33
havnt been myself since i was a bairn, but from what i can remember it was really interesting loved all the fishing stuff from years back & there used to be a lovely garden at the top just full o roses from what i can remember must make a point off taking my kids in a lookie.

16-Aug-08, 07:47
It is an amazing place isn't it; glad you found it! It's a shame that many Caithnessians have never been as I would think it is to everyone's taste as there is so much there to take your interest.
Thanks for reminding us about it as I think I am due another visit! :)

16-Aug-08, 20:06
I think i must of been in primary school when i was last there (many moons ago) i always remember this green glass ball that was in one of the windows that i think if i can remember rightly was used to ward of witches. We were all warned by our teacher not to touch but being kids we all did then went home was hoprful no witches would come and get us :lol:. Wonder if its still there? Its strange out of the whole heritage centre thats what sticks in my mind.

17-Aug-08, 12:57
Visit most times I have been in Caithness - always something new or changed, very very interesting place to spend few hours and still miss most of it!

Remember the big green balland the cabbage stalk in the school bag, seeing grannies picture as a 'herring girl' and mum as an attendant to Herring Queen.

The photograph collection does take you back - I forget how old I am most of the time! - until I see the photographs and all the changes then I realise how old I am.

When I lived in Wick if you popped in every few weeks there would always be something different to catch the eye or new exhibits on display, well worth a visit or two.

18-Aug-08, 18:41
Its a GREAT place!! What I found most amusing was the large teddy who used to stand at the top of the stairs in Fred Shearers. I used to think that thing was absolutely HUGE when I was a wee one yet when I saw him in there I couldnt believe it was actually the same one!!! He looks as if he has shrunk about 6 feet - or could it be that I have actually grown a few feet since then?? :)

18-Aug-08, 19:55
i have never been but will now take the kids a look as it sounds like a place to visit, hope it is really child friendly. Is there somewhere local to have a good family lunch afterwards?

18-Aug-08, 22:22
Just a short walk to the Harbour Cafe......and worth it! :)