View Full Version : Info needed for restoring an old dolls pram!

12-Aug-08, 12:13
I have just taken my old dolls pram out of my Mums loft,its in surprisingly good nick considering its been up there for about 30 years!Its a Tri-ang metal bodied pram(dates from around the late 50's) and I really want to restore it to as near original condition as possible (for me to keep not to sell on)so if anybody knows anything about doing that i would be more than grateful to hear from you!x

Bad Manners
12-Aug-08, 15:30
hi is it the paint and metalwork that rquires attention or the fabric and interior?

12-Aug-08, 17:24
Hi there,the paint and metal work have come up quite well with t-cut,the hood has a small tear in it and is missing the two "hood protectors" and the interior is a bit rusty in places so i thought about using some lemon juice on it?Unfortunately I have lost the apron that goes with the pram so need to know if I can get one made? x

Bad Manners
12-Aug-08, 17:35
the material for the hood and apron should be available through the internet. the only thing is you will need a machine needle than is capable of going through it . a good quality demin needle normally does.
it it require popper catches again thay are available through the internet.
you can pm funky pumpkin the other half she is more clued up on that side of things if you could send a picture of what you are doing we will try to be of assistance.

12-Aug-08, 17:39
Thank you very much,thats a great help,I have spent all day cleaning it up and it has come up a treat so far! I will try to take some piccies and then get my son to show me how to send them to you lol x