View Full Version : Wifie, jump over the broom

Kevin Milkins
11-Aug-08, 18:47
Come on Wifie you cant lurk on 999 forever.
Make that jump/make that post/ you know it makes sense.Its ok over here in land of 1K .honest:lol:.
May I be first to congratulate you for being such a cheerfull and possitive poster and I look foward to many of your posts in the future.

11-Aug-08, 18:49
I suppose I'd better offer,(grudgingly), my best wishes to the owld bag too.;)

11-Aug-08, 18:50
Yes well done.

11-Aug-08, 20:34
they had me worried for a bit wifie as i couldnt work this out
goot it now [lol] come in with a bang .but just be your usual cheery self tony

11-Aug-08, 20:53
Come on Wifie, get posting pal[lol]

11-Aug-08, 21:36
what ever the reason wifieeeeeeeeeeeeeee...congrats...bat out o ell...:Razz

Kevin Milkins
11-Aug-08, 23:53
We know you are peeking from behind the curtains:roll: Lets be havin you.:lol: