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K dragon
11-Aug-08, 14:22
Cheers to all the bands and people who made an effort to come out and see the big gig.

Big Thanks to Isaac and Dave who did nothing but an amazing job with the sound, and the bass sub woofers under the stage was a stroke of genius.

Even though i am part of TTIA big thanks to them for manning the gates and a MASSIVE thanks to doreen who deals with a lot of the paper work in setting this up, and allowing me to do this for two years, heres hoping to a third year.

Some major props to my friends shane ross, george sinclair and scott beveridge and martin and my other half susan stewart, as it was just four people who built the stage and set everything up, and dug trenches, and we all stayed till 2.20 am to shut everything down and pack up.

thanks to the football team for manning the bar again this year.

but the biggest thanks goes to the people who turned up and gave a blind eye to the crap weather and made the effort to have a good night and support their local musical community.

david j hobbs

13-Aug-08, 22:28
Well done to you Sir! Great effort by you and all who helped.

Thurso Town Improvements
20-Aug-08, 17:01
Now I have has time to catch up on everything I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in The Big Gig. The bands were absolutely brilliant what a great atmosphere, you are all stars!

There is way too many people to mention so a big huge Thank you to all, from those who sat in meetings to organise the event to the individual people and other groups who provided manpower, businesses that donated towards the gig, especially the ones who came to our aid last minutes.

Special thanks to the Photographers, Media, Darren for the wicked posters, St Andrews Ambulance First Aid, D Steven & Son, O’Brien’s, Johnston Controls, Charlie Angus, Autoparts, Robert Macgregor & Co, Robert Gunn & Co, the Gardner’s, Douglas Mackay (Butcher), Motox, Scallywags Nursery, Thurso Football Club, Kevin Macleod, Isaac Sutherland & co, the committee and last but not least David Hobbs & Co.

Well done to everyone who weathered the storm, the final total is not in but we covered the cost of the PA, Entertainment Licence & the BBQ bill so far.

The gate took in 1,118.00 approximately.

If we run the Gig next year it will be on a different date as this year is the first year other events have affected us, however the 60th Gala at present will stay on the 1st August 2009.

Doreen Macleod TTIA Chairwoman

21-Aug-08, 02:14
Special thanks to the Photographers, Media,

This must be a joke I'm sure?

The "photographer" running around with his "press" waistcoat was nothing more than a vigilante trying to coin in as if his 40k Dounreay salary wasn't enough.

Well done to DeeMac for his excellent photos on here, and Caithness Photographic for showing an interest maybe more "back to roots" than was financially rewarding.