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26-Jun-03, 22:30
Is kw14Ultra trying to break the record for the most subjects posted? What does he actually do in Saudi? He must have a brill job to be able to leave so many posts. [lol] [lol] [lol]

26-Jun-03, 22:37
Perhaps KW14 works for Saudi intelligence and is trying to get an inside track onto the minds of the people [para]

27-Jun-03, 08:16
Shhhhhhhhh ;)

30-Jun-03, 12:31
Subliminal Messaging Department operative - thats his job. He is sending SM's and you will all be slaves of kw14Ultra..................... :roll:

30-Jun-03, 13:16

All hail the mighty Kw14Utlra. May his words of wisdom forever grace this messageboard!!!

30-Jun-03, 13:34
[para] better watch my back it, I sense a coupe de tat from the lord of the Emoticons [para]

George Brims
30-Jun-03, 17:52
Oh please please don't use that contrived word "emoticons". I always use that word to tell people who are computer literate (and call them their proper and descriptive name "smilies"), and those who aren't (like the journalist who came to my place of work some years ago and took notes in shorthand for an article about our computer system - "Oh I don't use computers myself").

30-Jun-03, 18:11
Point taken, George, they are indeed smilies... BUT... I'd rather be 'Lord of the Emoticons' than 'Lord of the Smilies'... it has a certain evil-emporer-of-the-universe ring to it, don't you think? (could even be an episode from Battlestar Galactica!!)


01-Jul-03, 09:55
I'll tell you something, though... you've got to respect a man who, unlike us fragile mortals, has no need for sleep... or do you survive on the fabled power-naps, KW???

01-Jul-03, 11:10
No I like a kip [lol] Different time zone, different weekend, different working day....but you should remember that although I am GMT+3 (2 hours ahead of UK) at the moment, it is still only 1424 here and not 2003 ;)