View Full Version : House/Pet sitter?

10-Aug-08, 15:29
Can anyone recommend someone to be a house/pet sitter please?
pets are birds, dogs, cats, snakes and a goat.

PM me if you are interested in doing this :)

12-Aug-08, 21:07
i would be intrested in sitting for your animals i also have cats,dogs,and a rabbitso i know whats its like to look after them always wanted a snake tho but girlfriend wont allow so if intrested plz get back in touch be very willing to help thanx

12-Aug-08, 21:38
Thanks :)
you now have a PM :)

Mr P Cannop
12-Aug-08, 22:35
i would like to help out with this ??

13-Aug-08, 14:50
:RazzAfter seeing your request I have now sent you a PM. Best of luck