View Full Version : Where are they now?

10-Aug-08, 08:34
Having a browse through some old posts i came across some members that I havent heard of for a while. There was some right good posters and alot of funny ones. Just got me thinking where are they now? Have they left or have they been banned to a life of eternal non-orgness?
there was some great posters who always made me laugh with their witty comments and one-liners,I've missed alot of that as some posts now are just way too serious and witty comments are frowned upon.

is there anyone else who has noticed "the disappeared" ?

10-Aug-08, 09:05
There are a few that for one reason or another no longer post or due to changed circumstances no longer post on a regular basis.
There are others that when having to re-register now use a different name but if you check the members list you will find as I did that they have not completely vanished.
Witty comments frowned upon! Most days I can find some thing posted that will make me smile or even laugh aloud.

10-Aug-08, 10:05
Posters come and go on forums. I assume that some get bored, some get banned and others simply lose the spare time they once had to contribute to discussion. The same topics tend to crop up again and again. If you have already said your "tuppence worth" it can be difficult to get motivated to become involved in a thread again.

Here's a photo to cheer you up:-


ps The GB weightlifter finished second to this guy!!

11-Aug-08, 07:20
Thanks for the photo scorrie!

By the way i have forgotten how to do the username list.has it gone?
Or am I just being so so stupid (again) ;)
Really is a shame that some dont come on now I used to love the "crack" with some of the guys(and dolls!) that used to be on here in the past,but I suppose its got to be that way as they have disappeared.

I suppose its like you say scorrie, alot dont have the time anymore or dont want to discuss same things over and over again,especially when the sun is shining(which isnt that often;)) and theres loads to do in Caithness, maybe in the winter time the disappeared shall return!! ;)