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25-Jun-03, 22:53
I use the Opera browser - currently I have the CCWS server time displayed on the title strap at the top of the browser, on the tabbed window of the current page being displayed, on the Opera 'button' in my taskbar and finally on the title strap of the Caithness.org page itself!
In my opinion this is just too much and it actually affects the smoothness of my browser making typing messages/replies a very jerky process.
Do we really need all these reminders of the time?
I seem to recall someone complaining about the time being a bit out but this is crazy now. Anyone else getting this plethora of clocks?


25-Jun-03, 23:24
Sorry, no time to stop... must dash. I'll let you know as soon as I have a minute....

17-Jul-03, 12:47
Glad to see all the extra clocks have been removed!!!

17-Jul-03, 13:30
for now they have....

I'm going to put them back, but this time as a toggle (settings stored in a cookie) so you can have the time on the title bar or status bar or just on the page.

To save additional time discomfort to the masses, the "only on the page" option will be the default and the extra clock(s) will have to be activated by clicking on the time.

The title bar clock is for those in other parts of the world, a few folk e-mailed me to say it was nice to minimise the window and still have caithness time on the taskbar.

None of this will be happening untill I've rebuild all the headers/footers on all the c.o sites and have control of them all from a single source.

Why do all the good ideas come with sooooo much work attached???? :(

Getting there.....

Mr P Cannop
18-Jul-03, 06:13
hi niall

why put the time the web site was updated ??