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05-Aug-08, 15:14
Have just returned from having a bit of Bobandag16`s birthday cake. It was lovely, made and designed by MacDonalds bakery in Wick.

Have previously had them do a Lion King as Bob is a Leo and it seemed quite fitting, but this one surpassed all others I have seen in a long time.

It had a bingo card with numbers on it in the middle and the inscription "Two fat ladies 88.................4 Bingo Bob`s birthday"

His only regret was that the daycare were playing bingo this afternoon and he didn`t get to use the bingo card on the cake to play.

Cake was ordered at Frasers shop on Castlegreen Road and they delivered it to the daycare this morning. It was a square sponge with a cream layer and a jam one, almost like a gateau with soft icing and the aforementioned decoration. Lovely and moist and enjoyed by all who tasted it.

05-Aug-08, 18:27
Lovely cake, and it tasted great