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04-Aug-08, 20:50

Spotted this at Berriedale it was about 12" high and had almost plain leaves with just a hint or brown markings. It looked very similar to those that grow all over the moors but it was much taller with a long flower spike and the flower was bordering on lilac rather than pink. Have been through my flower books but don't seem able to find it, any information would be much appreciated.

04-Aug-08, 21:52
Nearest in my book is Common Spotted Orchid but the illustration isn't very big or clear.:~(

05-Aug-08, 11:48
Have searched several sites and am still confused, this orchid was similar to the shorter bog orchids that were every where but did not have the spotted leaves, the leaves being soft green with just a hint of brown smudges, the pattern and colouring of the flowers would indicate that it could be a common spotted although the flower head seemed much denser.
It was growing about a foot away from a cluster of bog orchids that were much smaller and had the spotted leaves, found it beside the road going south through Berriedale opposite the parking place just before the top of the hill, it was it's size that made me go investigate.

06-Aug-08, 09:01
looks like a spotted orchid to me lizz, i think the size of the flowerhead depends on the soil, the better the soil the bigger the flowerhead. i think the "spotted" part of the name comes from the leaves and they can be anything through from heavily spotted to just a few "blemishes". I usually rely on confirmation from taraxacum though, he is a wizz with wild flower identification :D

07-Aug-08, 20:22
Hi, folks,

With difficulty I diagnose this as a Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii). It is always safer to show a picture of the whole plant, as well as a close-up because the leaves are diagnostic in several ways. In this case I can only judge on the relative size of the lobes on the lower lip. Another good test is to give the lower part of the stem a squeeze to see if it feels solid or hollow. This species is not common in Caithness so I note where you found it and will pass it on to Ken Butler, who is the Botanical County Recorder. He will put the find on the National Biodiversity Database in due course.

07-Aug-08, 20:29
It may be worth taking a look down sarclet as well. There was some in the un used croft land near our house - but it's been cut yesterday.

07-Aug-08, 21:49
Thank you all for the information, it was just so beautiful that I had to find out more.spots and all!

07-Aug-08, 22:05

Don't know if this will help but ot gives a clearer picture of the stlk and leaves.

08-Aug-08, 21:42
Thanks, Lizz, they look good leaves for a Common Spotted