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04-Aug-08, 13:55
seems to be the only place in wick that REALLy caters for kids with the bouncy castle. the food is good also. You can also buy some nice gifts.

04-Aug-08, 19:19
Been there a few times now and yeah my kids do love the bouncy castle its just a sham the other mothers would watch the kids as twice now the other kids have hurt my children, so havent been in it in a while would much rather do other things with my kids.

04-Aug-08, 19:36
went there yesterday with my son, had great food and borrowed a map... as you do... didn't let him on the bouncy castle though, cos he just turned 18!!

coffee was lovely as well

didn't realise how big it was inside - go if you haven't been yet!

04-Aug-08, 19:56
Cant say im keen on taking my kids out for dinner where there is a bouncy castle as iv found from experience that the kids are more interested in going on the bouncy castle than eating their dinner & i hate seeing food go to waste & also wasting money on food that they are not gonna eat as there more excited about the castle, id rather take them out for dinner & go to the park afterwards (fresh air far better for them than bein stuck indoors)

06-Aug-08, 22:55
Yes but Nicnic, theres not really a lot of days that you can take the kids to the park in Wick as its very often crap weather-so thats when Morags is just the place to go to keep them amused if only for a wee while

08-Aug-08, 09:58
my friend and our two kids go there weekly and its great - kids love the food - have a great time on the bouncy castle and the staff just can't be faulted :D Much better than weatherspoons for family eating!

01-Nov-08, 17:09
Morags is also an anagram of Orgasm [lol] [lol]

12-Nov-08, 16:00
Morags is also an anagram of Orgasm [lol]
Have you seen a couple called Harry & Sally in there?? ;)