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04-Aug-08, 13:35
I spotted 4 or 5 dolphins in Dunnet Bay with the telescope yesterday evening. 95% sure they were Atlantic white-sided. I was far away though and had to leave for a while needless to say they had gone by the time. I hope they come back.

04-Aug-08, 17:43
Iv just been watching about 5 -6 Dolphins right at mouth of Wick River -- great to watch

04-Aug-08, 19:09
Thanks for the heads up Jac1791, as soon as I saw your post I was straight down and caught them just at the flaggy. Watched them for about a half hour until they went on their way. Delight to watch.

04-Aug-08, 22:33
Do either of you have any idea what species of dolphin they may have been??
Seabird also had dolpphins at Lybster this evening.
I am trying to get a good ID guide on the net for yous to look at . Help Seabird.

05-Aug-08, 12:17
They were bottlenose Kas, pretty certain of it. The ones I saw were quite large adults.

05-Aug-08, 21:32
They were bottlenose Kas, pretty certain of it. The ones I saw were quite large adults.

Did you see their beaks?
The reason i ask is because last year a large crowd stood and watched a group od Dolphins off Kirkwall convinced they were BND's.
Later it was found they were Risso's Dolphins.
Risso's have a wider based dorsal quite tall, no beak and through binoculars white scar marks can usually be seen on the body and also on the dorsal,
The general body colour can vary from a light grey to a very dark grey.
I know BND's can appear off Wick i saw 2 several years ago very close in.
Strangely Bottlenose Dolphins are quite rare off the Caithness coast despite the fact there are residential Dolphins in the Moray Firth.
The Aberdeen University would love to get hold of Pictures of any BND's seen around Caithness to try and establish if they are Moray Firth Dolphins or Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.

Scottish Bottlenose Dolphin Project
There is even a freephon Hotline 08000858110

more info see www.scottishdolphins.info

Group Coordinater
Seawatch Foundation

07-Aug-08, 17:38
definitely bottlenosed at wick harbour as pictures show will try get some better ones tomorrow assuming they are back.



07-Aug-08, 21:42
and a couple more


08-Aug-08, 22:10
Thankyou very much for posting those pics count.
I wish I had seen them as it looks like they put on a wonderful show. Its been a great week for dolphins in Caithness. I saw dolphins twice this week, sadly they were far out and could not ID them but they were either Atlantic white sided or White beaked. The angling boats also saw dolphins, Rissos and what I think were the same group I saw that I could not Id. I also had Rissos put on a good show this evening and at one point they were just behind Scrabster Harbours ferry pier.

It looks like the food supply is plentiful as I am seeing a lot of fish.