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04-Aug-08, 11:39
Can anyone help?? I have to go to Aberdeen for an appointment next wednesday & Thursday & I dont have a lot to spend.
Can anyone recommend me a good fairly cheap B+B in the City centre near Holburn Street??
Any help at all would be very much appreciated

04-Aug-08, 14:09
If you go www.Aberdeen royal infirmary, and look up travel and accommodation, go to the very bottom of the page and it will give you a list of B&B, if it is a hospital appointment you are going for you must keep all receipts, hope this helps.

04-Aug-08, 14:40
I really would take anything you can get, Amy. If you hit Aberdeen at the wrong time you will really have a serious problem getting a room.

I ended up 5 miles south of Stonehaven the last time I had to spend some time in Aberdeen. I literally couldn't get a bed - I'd exhausted Aberdeen and (thinking i was being clever) shot down to the Tourist Info in Stonehaven to get them to book me in a B+B down there somewhere.
I got the last bed they could think of....and there were 3 guys behind me in the queue at the T. Info.:eek:

04-Aug-08, 19:50
I always try www.superbreak.co.uk (http://www.superbreak.co.uk) or www.laterooms.co.uk (http://www.laterooms.co.uk) ive always had a good few bargin breaks away using them. Hope that helps

04-Aug-08, 21:49
Thanks for the info , I found a B+B in Bon accord Street thanks to Yell.com a really useful site I must add