View Full Version : Book swap on the org?

03-Aug-08, 14:11
Would it be possible to start a book swap area on the org and would there be any interest in it?

03-Aug-08, 16:30
I think it is a good idea.... lotsa people read lotsa books and there is no swap shop that I am aware of.....good idea for me, so I voted yes:)

03-Aug-08, 16:37
What type of books do you like?

03-Aug-08, 17:17
I read autobiographies mainly so would be happy to swap like for like. Not keen on biographies as they feel kind of fake if that makes sense.

03-Aug-08, 17:18
I have a lot of Stephen King I would swap, let me know what you have.

Melancholy Man
03-Aug-08, 19:16
Anyone tried Book Crossing (http://www.bookcrossing.com/)?

04-Aug-08, 00:01
I don't have loads.......but I don't tend to reread, so I'd be happy to swap.........authors are Michael Connolly, John Connolly, Linda Fairstein, Thomas Harris, Mo Hayder, Quintin Jardine, John Grisham, Ian Rankin, Michael Palmer etc and a few books on the Da Vinci code lines (but not by Dan Brown).

Worth just listing titles and authors, and PMing interest in books you'd like to posters?

04-Aug-08, 00:04
Anyone tried Book Crossing (http://www.bookcrossing.com/)?

Thought about it in the past.......but no guarantee of ever getting one for yourself, especially up here........and while I don't like to reread..........I will if I have nothing else.

04-Aug-08, 19:51
I am not going to vote because I live too far away to make use of it. But I encourage the Caithness orgers in this venture.

Melancholy Man
04-Aug-08, 20:00
There's nowt to stop you. The spirit of sharing in reading the same book, as well as options to discuss it online.