View Full Version : Hedgehog house

02-Aug-08, 19:06
I have been feeding at least a couple of hedgehogs who come into my garden every night.

I was thinking of getting a house for them but am afraid I might buy one and they won't use it just like the sparrows don't use the sparrow terrace I bought!:roll:

I just wondered whether anyone had one in their garden and is it being used?

02-Aug-08, 21:18
I have a hedgehog resident here but he lives in under our shed and has got a dry nest area between breese block and wood bitty...dunno how a hedgehog house would go down they tend to find a place that is cosy and out of the way! my one pops out for his cat food but we don't see him much at this time of year except at night as it trots accross the field on the slug run!

02-Aug-08, 22:18
I think the hedgehogs must be living under a neighbour's shed so think I will forget about the house.

It is so lovely to see them as they are beautiful creatures. So sad to see them squished on the road!:confused

I read today that it is a myth they eat slugs. Seemingly they only do this when they are really hungry and can get no other food. Eating slugs gives them lungworm.:roll:

Ours really tucks in to the cat food. We are making a shelter from a wash hand basin to keep the rain off and the cats out!