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02-Aug-08, 10:42
Spent a lovely afternoon at Lyth Arts Centre yesterday even though the weather wasn't good enough to sit outside for our coffee and homebaking!
Anyone who is a fan of Raven on Caithness.org will be delighted with her many photographs which fill the foyer at the centre; a great display.

An exhibition of paintings by David Barrogill Keith of Thurso are on show from an extensive collection from Robbie Maitland who kindly loaned them to the centre. There are many local scenes from yesteryear and others from D.B. Keith's travels abroad; very interesting.

Then there is young Joze Hicks from Scarfskerry whose pictures (some of which are sold already) are stunning; a very promising artist and one to watch in the future.....

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Lyth; there is something to suit everyone, I promise; from the paintings to the textiles including hand made hats and aprons of the fifties and the objects made from handmade paper and the beautiful jewellry. :)

02-Aug-08, 19:56
My daughter also visited there yesterday and was suitably impressed. She said there was some lovely jewellery on display by a Katrina Ross.