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alistair harper
01-Aug-08, 10:24
Are your fuel bills going through the roof? are you having problems paying for heating for the home then why not give caithness energy advice a call and arrange a home visit call 896524

01-Aug-08, 12:47
Right, I don't particularly want the whole home visit debacle. No offence :)

What I'm curious about is this. What exactly could you do for us?

We live in a old croft (no cavity wall to insulate) the roof has been insulated with 75mm Kingspan.
Every room has low energy bulbs, our fridge is a nice eco friendly, energy efficient, frost free model. No TVs, satellite boxes etc are on when they are not needed. The only computers in use are laptops.
Our heating is run from the rayburn, on which we burn logs and the occasional bit of anthracite.

We still struggle to heat the house sometimes. What would you suggest?

01-Aug-08, 13:08
I forgot stuff :)

We have a mixture of original, single glazed windows (which don't even open) which we put film over every winter in a vain attempt to stop the wind howling through and very old aluminium double glazed windows which don't seem to have been fitted properly. We can't afford to replace any of them.
The walls have some old insulation (in places) behind the plaster board, but you could use our house as a wind tunnel in a gale. Again, we can't afford to fix it.
There doesn't seem to be any scheme to cover our situation (it's all for cavity walls) and even if there was, whatever they gave us towards the work would leave us short of the rest. :)

alistair harper
01-Aug-08, 16:06
Hi I have sent pm

02-Aug-08, 13:42
We got energy efficient light bulbs, a computer power down and a 20% discount on our future bills with Scottish Hyrdo electric for gas and electric. Hope to get a new fridge freezer for 50 on their scheme as well as ours is beyond repair.

The home visit was no hassle..... friendly folk, with a genuine interest in helping the worse off.

My dad and a friend have both been helped to access the discount.

Keep up the good work!

02-Aug-08, 18:03
I also had a visit, they helped me by contacting the Scottish Hydro to see if i qualified for the 20% discount..and i did. And got the same items as above. They are lovely friendly people and the home visit doesn't take long at all. They can advise you of things that may be availible to help.