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29-Jul-08, 20:13
Anyone I could contact that knows a lot about Caithness Glass and especially resident artists that may have been at the factory?

29-Jul-08, 21:17
Hi,,, try Carl Swanson at Riverside Replicas - 01847 893553. He has a huge display of Caithness Glass in the shop and I'm sure he used to work at the factory in Wick.

30-Jul-08, 01:44
You could contact one of the many glassblowers who worked there for a long time.

30-Jul-08, 06:50
Dennis Mann,Dempster Street,Wick

06-Dec-09, 13:22
You could speak to Alan Gow, Gary Macleod, Fraser Malcolm, Alec Miller, Graeme Crowe, Brian Grant, James Manson, Johnny Cristie, Richard Burt, Tony and Gibby Banks (brothers), Tam Sutherland. I don't have their number but if you ask about Wick, you will get hold of them guaranteed.

Miss Mack
09-Dec-09, 20:11
:)PM PIRATELASSIE, she worked there for 40 years