View Full Version : local spinner?

tracy x
27-Jul-08, 13:45
does anyone know of a local spinner
we only have a small number of fleeces from our rare breed sheep.
thanks in advance

27-Jul-08, 17:37
There was a stall at the Halkirk Games spinning, don't remember their name but maybe if you contact one of the HG committee they may be able to help.

28-Jul-08, 10:50
Try the lady who owns "The Tea Cosy," at East Mey seem to mind she either spins her own yarn or gets it spun for her.
Also think there is a Caithness Spinners Group that may be linked to here or the reference library should have details.

28-Jul-08, 17:08
The lady that does the spinning at the Halkirk Games is Jane Renshaw from Scotscalder.

04-Aug-08, 20:27
jane renshaw email jane@halkirk.org.uk