View Full Version : another (very unusual) wild flower

23-Jul-08, 19:31
Looks very simlar to an ornamental onion my mum used to have but much much smaller the flower head is about the same size as a 2p and there was a small patch of about 30 on one of the headlands past the castle

24-Jul-08, 00:45
maybe a wild leek or something like that?:D

24-Jul-08, 12:39
Whats the leaves like.........because the flower looks like something which has come up in my garden from a seed packet of cottage garden flowers (none of which were named)?

24-Jul-08, 15:42
looked very onion like (wish i had broken one off now and done the taste test lol :lol:

24-Jul-08, 21:38
Hi, Count.

Onion individual flowers are star-like. This might be Devil's-bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis). I need to see the whole plant rather than a close up of the flower head to be sure.

24-Jul-08, 21:48
Ok i will endeavor to get a few more shots for ya taraxacum but having looked at the internet pictures of this flower it looks right :D