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23-Jul-08, 12:14
Hi there

Anyone who has problems with sensitive skin. psoriasis or ezcema or even just wants to use more natural and organic skincare products should check out this great site - www.alternativevitality.co.uk - its run by a local lassie and offers free delivery in the Wick and Thurso area or you can collect from her in Wick. Some lovely stuff for adults, kids and babies :D


23-Jul-08, 13:49
I like the look of some of the products but unfortunately when you click more info it doesn't actuall say anything in the features of the product. Nice packaging though.

Margaret M.
23-Jul-08, 14:30
Products look great but unless I missed it and I did look, it does not state how much is in each container. Knowing how much one is getting for their money is essential.

23-Jul-08, 14:38
Hi there - some additional info was missing for the kits - now been corrected. Volume has now been added and you should see it beside the price in more information. Thanks for your comments :D

23-Jul-08, 17:31
Nice to see Wick having an outlet for alternatives....great.

24-Jul-08, 13:44
also stock herbal remedies and skin care from Brian Lamb