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23-Jun-03, 08:57
Funny or not?

23-Jun-03, 10:25
Don't know... nobody got a chance to hear his material before the Royal Protection Squad (or whatever they are called) jumped on him... talk about cut off before your prime! :D

23-Jun-03, 16:02
I reckon they should send him to the Tower........just for a laugh

23-Jun-03, 16:28
Even better.. stick him in the Big Brother house for a few weeks. Punishment enough for any crime :lol:

Eve M
23-Jun-03, 16:32
No I don't think it was funny. It could have had a very different outcome. Heads should roll after this!

23-Jun-03, 16:56
Heads should roll after this!

Are you carrying on with KW14's suggestion of the tower????

23-Jun-03, 17:09
I dont think it was funny, and I dont think he is funny - so I agree, off with his head ;)

23-Jun-03, 17:28
I think the gentleman in question did an excellent job of exposing how vunerable (is that correct luckyone, if I use a specheker on this it throws me out!) people in high profile positions are to people taking the p**s, and as such how vunerable they are to people who want to kill them. As of the seventh century ace. (as we are obliged to call it) certain followers of Allah have an obligation to kill infidels.
If we have increased security for the royal family then that may feed down until people realise that no-one is safe and take greater care of theirselves and their families. I do not wish to advocate completely alienating anyone you do not know personally but these people are going to try to kill you, me and anyone else they can.
it will not be tomorrow but it it may be the year after.
Sorry about the prophesies of doom. We can be prepared.

Eve M
23-Jun-03, 17:52
Who the heck is cassandra :confused

23-Jun-03, 17:58
Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy by Agamemnon?? but no one would believe her!

23-Jun-03, 18:21
is ACE now the PC version of AD? or is there somthing slightly different. I noticed that in a book I was referrencing the other day there was no BC or AD it was just BP (before present!) which is strange as it will be continually changing :confused

By the way is it still 1424 out here, dont think I will make the millenium celebrations :~(

23-Jun-03, 22:29
I think the media are going a bit over the top by suggesting if it had been a suicide bomber things could have been tragic. The thing is, if it was a suicide bomber he would not have gone about it the way this idiot did. It's about time this country woke up and realised the Royal family are no longer of any importance. We don't need them. But that's a different subject.

24-Jun-03, 04:42
How do you know he would have gone about it in a different way?

24-Jun-03, 17:07
Who honestly gives a monkeys???? The sooner the royal family are done away with, the better.

The Loafer

24-Jun-03, 17:16
I do.

24-Jun-03, 22:45
Yes, it exposes how vulnerable our security is...
blah blah blah (sure you've heard it all before)...
but I think it was quite sick that he tried to make a joke of it (that is, if he did... shouldn't be commenting on this really, I don't know all the facts, all I caught on the radio was that he climbed up a tree and over a wall then dressed up as Bin Laden).

George Brims
25-Jun-03, 17:25
The guy seems a total loser to me. His outfit was pretty scabby - wouldn't have got much notice in the Watten Gala never mind the world of professional entertainment. He should be brought to court, fined heavily and then IGNORED PERMANENTLY. That'll teach him.

25-Jun-03, 18:26
[lol] George you know I was wondering where I had seen him before.......the Watten gala, could have been :lol: