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23-Jun-03, 07:39
I hear a new shop has opened in the old Safeway/Presto/Liptons shop in the middle of Thurso, what like? Is it another of those cheap jonny two bob shops that seem to be all the rage? I hope not.

23-Jun-03, 11:53
I heard it was gonna be selling cheap cosmetics and stuff so aye it is another cheap johnny shop by the sound of it. :roll:

23-Jun-03, 11:59
not opened yet then?

Mr P Cannop
23-Jun-03, 13:34
the new shop opened last friday 20th June @ 9am

23-Jun-03, 13:45
Were ye camped ootside Mr P, waiting for a bargain? What leks eh stuff then, good or trock?

Mr P Cannop
23-Jun-03, 13:54
there is very good bargans eg 4 cans of juice for 99p

23-Jun-03, 15:12
Its a bit like superdrug

23-Jun-03, 16:01
I personally would have thought that Thurso had enough Chemists,but hopefully it will provide some welcome competition (sic). WHat do those who have been in reckon? A good addition or something we could do without?

Eve M
23-Jun-03, 16:42
Is it like Krackers in Wick then?

23-Jun-03, 17:07
there are a lot of krackers in Week Eve :eyes

23-Jun-03, 19:04
It is a bit like crackers but you don't need to buy two or three things they are all priced singler but it is the same stuff more or less!!

Its what thurso needs i think its a really good shop!!

24-Jun-03, 13:15
I have been in this new shop called Basix and was fairly impressed. They had cartons of Ribena for 10p. They sell loads of household items as well as toiletries. Well worth a visit and a much welcome addition to the town (in my opinion). At least it beats having the premises lying vacant.

24-Jun-03, 13:50
Good point it certainly looked a bit of a state the last time I saw it all boarded up.

24-Jun-03, 22:51
Well... 'tis another shop to explore... before it goes out of business... if it goes out of business!

29-Jun-03, 16:41
I was in crackers yesterday and the carrier bag i got said basix on it so it is the same company as basix in thurso!!

12-Jul-03, 14:21
I would have thought that crackers just used any ol' plastic bags, no?

05-Aug-03, 21:25
Krackers and Basix are run by the same company and by the looks of things, it wont be long before Krackers gets a face lift and changed to Basix.