View Full Version : cross stitching -french knots

19-Jul-08, 12:45
hello all
i am nearly finished my latest project but it involves french knots, and for the life of me i just cannot figure how how to do them! i have followed the instructions but it just does not work.
can anyone help with clear instructions??
thanks :)

19-Jul-08, 16:28
Hi Fluff, i hope this helps :)http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/11/french-knot-video-tutorial.html

19-Jul-08, 21:53
That's a cracking video, candyfloss.....and much easier than trying to explain in words!

Bookmarked the site to browse later........thanks.

19-Jul-08, 23:47
Yep good one candyfloss - looks handy!

20-Jul-08, 11:47
omg, that makes it look so easy, i have been getting so stressed out trying to figure it out lol! thanks candyfloss, that really helped.
hopefully i can finish my piece now!