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22-Jun-03, 13:37
Taken from the BBC News webpage, Do you think that the celebration of Bannockburn is a bit archaic?

The Scottish National Party will not give up the fight for independence, leader John Swinney has told a rally.
The party stages a march each year to mark the Scottish victory over the English at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 .

Mr Swinney told those who gathered for the event on Saturday that the roots of the national movement and the fight for independence stretched back to even before the time of Bannockburn.

"That history and those traditions are steeped in a common value - that the people of Scotland have the right to decide their own affairs and determine their own future," he said.

"And that principle is as valid today as it was 689 years ago when men lost their lives on this battlefield."

Best deal

He said the SNP's values were as relevant now as when the party was founded almost 70 years ago.

"At every election we fight for independence and at every level of government the SNP represents and fights for the best deal for the people of Scotland," he said.

"These are fights we will continue and not give up.

"We will secure independence for our nation and make Scotland the best place it can be."

Lose seats

There has been some criticism from within the party of the strategy pursued at this year's Scottish Parliament elections.

A disappointing showing saw the Nationalists lose eight seats as the party's share of the vote fell.

Voters were promised a referendum on independence - but critics suggested that an SNP electoral victory should be a sufficient mandate for independence.

Mr Swinney defended the strategy earlier this month, and has also rejected suggestions that the party should rethink its independence policy.

23-Jun-03, 21:53
The SNP are definately living in the past.

Although I don't believe there is many scots out there who aren't patriotic through and through most realise that independence would be a kick in the wrong direction.

The simple FACT is that scotland takes more money from the UK than what it puts in. That is the bottom line and I don't see how independence from the UK could help. We'd all have to pay a massive tax rise just to maintain the same level of public services and even more if we wanted to see improvements.

Yes we have a lot of oil and gas, but current estimates reckon this will last 50 - 60 years, what then??

Also, a country of 5 million people can't possibly have an influence on world politics that Britain has. We would lose our voice in the world.

The SNP are also anti-nuclear. although I don't want to get into a debate over that, in today's unsettles political climate do you not feel safer sleeping in bed tonight knowing that anyone who thinks about throwing bombs at us knows what they'll get back?

Too many people fall for the "braveheart" thing when voting SNP. People should realise we can be proud of our heritage, proud of our country and as patriotic as you like with the need to take a backward step. The UK is a good thing for scotland. We've been in it for hundreds of years, but I still consider myself a scot. I don't need independence to prove it.