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14-Jul-08, 10:51
usually go with baby and its great,though bit cold.
yesterday it was awful.arrived with pram that wouldnt fit through door and the two members of staff never even opened hatch to tell me how to open other half of door to get through,though as they were hardly rushed off their feet they could have come and opened it for me.thankfully a gentleman was coming out and opened it for me!and when i went to pay the lady said "you made it through then"!so i answered "yes,thanks to your helpfull customer".then i asked if i could take pram through to changing room as they were so quiet,play pen usually wet and nowhere else really to put a very quick one year old,and was told that i could but i wouldnt manage to get pram in through that doors as one opens one way and one the other way!obviously door opening is beneath them?
couldnt get in to the one baby changing cubicle as it had 6 little girls in it,they were playing music and covering the floor with that tiny little sweeties(millions).got into through to pool,baby in one arm,big floatie in other and the 2 attendants looked at me and said "green".now i know they ment to take a green band,but they could have moved!so the key had no ring to hang on hook,but we managed and got in the water.we played for a while and baby was happy and screaching a lot,all the time watched by the bunch of miserable lifeguards around,i was thinking till myself i wouldna be wanting kiss of life from them!!!(joke by the way)
got out of pool and dressed without too much hassle,except for the previously mentioned sweeties sticking to my feet!
now i know there are plenty of people who go there with kids by themselves(dad usually comes with us)and i dont usually take the pram,but i felt a bit uncomfortable being there yesterday.
i dont go a lot,but i usually think the staff are lovely,but yesterday was not a good experience.

14-Jul-08, 17:21
all the time watched by the bunch of miserable lifeguards

One of the reasons i never go there anymore :roll:

14-Jul-08, 22:02
its no just me then? after posting my rant i thought i wiz a bit harsh!
i can hardly go in till ask who's workin before i go back!!coz i know a few o the lifeguards that are always nice,so they arent all bad.