View Full Version : Nairn Tattooist?

12-Jul-08, 17:57
Has anyone got any stories good or bad about the tattooist in Nairn? Has anyone had a tattoo done there?

Thanks in advance :)

13-Jul-08, 11:01
Hi Girnigoe

I have had two tattoos done by John in Nairn. I found him to be excellent and everything was spotless.

I had a horse done on my leg and the second one is a back patch of a panther which was my own design and took 10 hours in total to complete (not all in the one visit as no tattooist in their right mind would carry out work over that length of time in one go!).

I need to have two corrected which were botched up by other tattooists and am just waiting for the spare dosh so I can book in again.

I certainly would give him the thumbs up with the work I have had done :)

Hope this helps but not everyone has the same experience or thoughts.

13-Jul-08, 23:06
Had one done there and I'm delighted with it. Much better than the 2 I had done before - I'm going to get him to neaten the lines and recolour them. Will definitely get any other tattoos done by him. Might get one done next week if I can find transport :)