View Full Version : looking for a westie pup???

11-Jul-08, 11:18
does anyone know where i can get a westie pup from???

been searching for ages and still no luck :(

11-Jul-08, 11:49
Have you tried a Westie Dog?

Sorry, not funny. There are normally plenty in the P&J or Inverness Courier. My two both came from the Inverness area and there are so many breeders around. I found out who had them at the time by calling round the Inverness Vets.

Good luck

22-Jul-08, 20:33
we got a westie pup from a man in Helmsdale who's a breeder of westie dogs. contact us on 01955605031 for the man's name and number.

22-Jul-08, 23:55
Have you tried a Westie Dog?

Actually, you'll have lots more luck trying a Westie bitch :lol::lol: (biology 1.1)

23-Jul-08, 22:15
Try Scot-ads, that where we found our one this time last year, she was also from the Inverness area.