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10-Jul-08, 22:34
Have the sand-eel numbers improved this year after their poor showing last year?

12-Jul-08, 23:57
not heard anything about there being a shortfall for the seabirds this year but then again the youngsters are still in the nest being fed. they are obviously about in numbers this year hence the terns nesting on the end of the sea wall. :D

13-Jul-08, 09:05

This may answer your question and there have been few sightings of Puffins who rely on sand eels to breed.

16-Jul-08, 00:04
I caught some saithe at Longberry last week and they were packed full of sand eels.
The terns, which also nested at the harbour last year, are feeding very close to the cliff face just south of Oldwick castle (same as last year). I believe it is very small saithe they catch there, rather than sand-eels.

Thanks for the replies.

16-Jul-08, 00:50
ahh thanx for the info on that i always assumed that they were after the sand eels lol and i had noticed a few times they were round near the castle dive fishing, quite a sight to see and very spectacular.:D

Kevin Milkins
16-Jul-08, 01:24
Excuse my ignorence and poor photo, but is this a sand eel?


16-Jul-08, 19:43
it certainly is

18-Jul-08, 01:35
Have the sand-eel numbers improved this year after their poor showing last year?

Yep, the waters have been pretty thick with them along with the fish feeding on them over the last few months. Quite a lot of the birds were just sitting over the shoals after eating their fill and not really sure what to do next. But they seem to have dropped off from last month.