View Full Version : Dunnet Forest butterflies

10-Jul-08, 12:41
Snapped these yesterday while I was out with the dog. He ran into long grass and loads of these little blue butterflies rose up out of the grass like a cloud of smoke. Can anyone identify them for me, please?


10-Jul-08, 18:46
look like common blue butterflies gollach i posted a couple of pictures last month on here if you would like to check. Underside of the wings would be brown rather than blue :D

10-Jul-08, 18:56
Yes, they were brown when they closed their wings, thanks for that!

Here is another one I found in the same place, perhaps it is the same butterfly but the opposite sex then?


11-Jul-08, 08:21
quite possibly lol they do seem to have a range of colour but its still the same butterfly :D